Missouri Valley Christian Academy is committed to providing the highest quality Christian education within the financial resources available. We recognize there is nothing more precious to parents than their children. Consequently, when we accept the responsibility of providing a Christian education for these children, we consider it both a privilege and a sacred trust. In many ways, we enter into a partnership with parents when we take on the awesome responsibility of molding the character and future of each child.

One of the necessary ingredients of operating a quality program is to have sufficient financial reserves. These resources come substantially from three areas: tuition, private donations, and fundraisers.  It requires the faithful support of all three areas for the school program to continue in existence. We count on parents, as our partner, to faithfully meet the monthly tuition obligations of their child/children. In return for the school’s service, we ask parents to pledge the prompt payment of their accounts by signing the financial agreement.

Grades 6th - 8th
$150 by May 13th
$250 after May 13th
**Sixth through eighth grade students are required to have a personal technology device that is internet ready and allows for the development of word processing, presentation, and spreadsheet assignments.  Devices may include laptop, iPad, tablet, etc.  If you have questions, please contact the office.

K - 8th Tuition
Tuition rates are based on how many children you have attending MVCA. A tuition rate chart is available upon request from the office.  Please call 665-4470 or email