Core Beliefs


School Verse

 "For Physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come." 1 Timothy 4:8 

Mission Statement

 The mission of Missouri Valley Christian Academy is to provide educational services for Christian parents wanting to strengthen moral integrity, biblical values, and academic proficiency in their child while recognizing God-given talents and fostering them for a life of learning, leading, and service. 

Vision Statement


We aim to graduate students who:

  • desire to grow in faith and understand the limitations of worldly thought.
  • have a passionate heart to bear the fruit of the Spirit.           
  • distinguish between a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and religion in form only.
  • listen carefully, think clearly, and articulate precisely.
  • display respectable conduct and social etiquette.
  • are resourceful in seeking solutions and creative in thought.
  • are capable of evaluating their experiences in the light of the Scriptures.
  • possess all of these characteristics with humility and gratitude to God.



The following objectives provide an understanding of the school’s vision and what the school must endeavor to accomplish in order for this vision to become and remain a reality.

  • We will challenge students to be servants of Jesus Christ in a global society.

                  Galatians 5:13            Joshua 24:14a

  • We will cultivate a spirit of community by fostering and demonstrating love for one another.

                  Galatians 5:22-23       Philippians 2:1-4

  • We will excel in the educational and faith development of students.

                  Proverbs 4

  • We will nurture God-given gifts and talents to be used for His purpose and glory.

                  1 Peter 4:10                Luke 12:48b

  • We will prepare students to be articulate defenders of the faith.

          Romans 12:21             1 Peter 3:15                Matthew 22:29

Educational Philosophy


The purpose of Christian education is to direct students toward God’s objective for man:  godliness of thought, character, and service.  A Christ-centered education is more than a Bible class, prayer, or striving for higher academic results.  It prepares students to live fully for the glory of God.  In this rapidly changing world, students need to understand, evaluate, and transform their world based on the foundations of God’s unchanging values.


Parents are ultimately responsible for the godly training of their children.  The authority of Missouri Valley Christian Academy, then, comes from parental requests to form a partnership with the home and church.  All parties cooperate with one another through prayer, open dialog, and a general spirit of collaboration in order for students to bear spiritual, academic, and relational fruit.


Therefore, we believe parents and teachers should be models and examples of living the biblical principles.  The faculty and staff at MVCA must be spiritually mature in the Christian faith and teach by life-style.  They must be qualified to motivate, instruct, and explain in such a way that academic excellence is achieved.