Guided Tours


We would love to share with you our vision for your child's customized, hands-on education. The best way to find out more about MVCA is to come for a guided tour. 

Call the school at 665-4470.

Kindergarten Sneak Peek


At Kindergarten Sneak Peek, your child will visit the kindergarten classroom and meet the teacher, setting the stage for a smooth transition to this new experience.  Usually held in May. 

Shadow A Student


We would love to pair your child with an MVCA student. This will give your child the opportunity to attend classes and experience a typical school day at MVCA in grades K-8th.

Call the school at 665-4470.

Kindergarten Sneak Peek


Spend the evening learning about MVCA while your future kindergartner spends time in the kindergarten classroom with the teacher.  Usually held in January/February. 

Plan YourVisit

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