Kindergarten Overview
Kindergarten is a time of beginnings.  There are many first time experiences as children begin their formal education.  Children grow and learn many new skills academically, emotionally, socially and physically throughout the year.  What a joy it is to watch them learn and grow!
Christian Schools International publishes The Story of God and His People: God’s Wonders for kindergarten students.  It focuses on the relationship God has with his people through their obedience and disobedience.  Students are challenged to relate Bible character relationships with the relationship they have with the living God.  Students also memorize Psalm 23 and 100.  We also participate in monthly elementary chapel services.
Language Arts
Bob Jones University Press publishes Kindergarten Beginnings with Phonics for kindergarten students.  It covers phonics, reading, writing, listening, some introductory science and heritage studies while cultivating a Christian worldview.
Students are presented a letter sound each day; working their way through the alphabet in the first semester.  The second semester focuses on consonant blends, digraphs, and long vowel sounds.  Word families are introduced at the beginning of the year and added to the rest of the year as new letter sounds are learned.  Phonics stories are used to practice reading the newly acquired words.
Letter formation, word spacing, and sentence writing is taught in Write Now!  We also practice writing our names, addresses, and numbers 1-100.
Bob Jones University Press publishes Reading Books for K5 for kindergarten students.  They are pervasively Christian in content and in paperback form.  Students practice their reading and comprehension skills at school and then continue to practice at home.  A variety of genre and illustration styles helps to broaden tastes for reading enjoyment.
Listening skills are developed through intentional practice.  Several times a week students listen to a story without the aid of visuals.  A variety of comprehension and thought provoking questions are asked and discussed.
Oral Interpretation
In the spring the elementary students participate in a speech festival.  The kindergarten students each give a nursery rhyme for their festival piece. 
The A Beka book, Number Skills K, is the majority of our math lessons.  Children learn to count and recognize numbers 1-100.   They also learn to work with the following number concepts: number words, counting by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s; and one to ten addition families.  In addition, they learn to tell time, count money and are exposed to the concepts of subtraction and measurement.
A variety of projects are used to cover science concepts in the kindergarten classroom.  Resources include Kindergarten Beginnings with Phonics by Bob Jones University Press and Christian Schools International kindergarten science curriculum.  Additional teaching units that may be added include: apples, pumpkins, leaves, arctic animals, and plants.
Heritage Studies
Kindergarten Beginnings with Phonics by Bob Jones University Press includes basic heritage study topics.  Outside resources are used to cover topics: historical figures, holiday celebrations, map skills, patriotic symbols, occupations, and the role of money. Each month the students also receive a copy of God’s World News.  It provides current news and interesting information for children - biblically, appropriately, and vibrantly - so they can grow in their understanding that God has the whole world in His hands.
MVCA uses an art curriculum called Meet the Masters.  This program provides interactive, multi-media art education introducing students to such artists as Monet, Picasso, and Van Gogh with a total of 35 master artists studied by the 6th grade.  Besides Meet the Masters students get the opportunity each week to enjoy creating their own original projects.  These projects often derive from a teaching unit or seasonal decoration.  Art is also available during center time.  A variety of materials are available for students to make their own creations.
Formal computer instruction in the computer lab is scheduled once each week. Students develop skills on both laptops (Windows) and iPads (iOS).  MVCA utilizes an on-line computer curriculum designed to teach students essential grade-appropriate digital literacy skills.  Students also use the iPads within their regular classroom curriculum under the guidance of the kindergarten teacher to strengthen and explore concepts being taught.
Music instruction with a music teacher is scheduled twice each week.  The children are involved in two programs throughout the year including a Christmas musical and spring program.  MVCA students enjoy the Growing in Grace music curriculum.  Growing in Grace is age appropriate, thematic, and interactive.  With understandable texts, singable melodies, and interesting accompaniments, Growing in Grace helps each MVCA student develop his or her natural singing skills, increase in musical knowledge, and grow spiritually.
Physical Education
Formal physical education instruction with a teacher is scheduled twice a week for 30 minutes.
Kindergarten students visit the MVCA library once a week.  Students have the chance to check out books.  MVCA utilizes an on-line library system to track books and parents are able to use this same system from home.    
Special Events
Kindergarten students take two scheduled field trips each year.  In the fall the whole school visits the Washington Pavilion in Sioux Falls.  During the final month of school the kindergarten students again visit Sioux Falls with stops at the Great Plains Zoo and Sertoma Butterfly House.  Additional field trips that coincide with the kindergarten curriculum are taken throughout the school year.  Guest speakers are invited into the classroom to share their expertise as it relates to the kindergarten curriculum.  Other special events include Count Down to Christmas, Bookworm Contest in the spring, Math Facts Contest in April, and Field Day in May.
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