Financial Policy

Financial Policy

2017 - 18

The most common problem facing Christian schools is working with limited resources.  Tax dollars do not support these schools and they must depend solely upon tuition and contributions to meet their obligations.  Missouri Valley Christian Academy is no different.  Your tuition dollars are vital to our school’s survival. 


Therefore, before you make this financial commitment with Missouri Valley Christian Academy, we would ask that you prayerfully consider it in light of the following Scriptures:





Registration, Book Rental, Book Fees & Supply Fees   

(Non-refundable and due with registration packet)



by May 13th

after May 13th

Grades K - 6th




Grades 7th - 8th 




**Seventh and eighth grade students are required to have a personal technology device that is internet ready and allows for the development of word processing, presentation, and spreadsheet assignments.  Devices may include laptop, iPad, tablet, etc.  If you have questions, please contact the office.

The tuition rate will be $3,750 per student for the year with a cap of $8,250 per family.



     MVCA’s Incentive for Christian Education                     

                           (Grades K-8)                                                 

                        1st Child          2nd Child        3rd Child          4th Child                                      

1st Child         $3,750           $3,750            $750                   $0                    



Tuition Assistance 

The MVCA school board recognizes the importance of offering families options for seeking tuition assistance/reductions so that Christian education can be made more affordable for enrolled families.  In the history of MVCA, parents have never been denied the opportunity for their kids to get a Christian education based on their financial status, and we are committed to working with families in helping them meet tuition payment obligations wherever possible. 



Before the 13th of the Month = 1/2 tuition is due                

After the 13th of the Month= Full tuition will be due


Missouri Valley Christian Academy is committed to working with families to meet their tuition obligations.  If you foresee a problem keeping financial commitments, please contact the school’s administrator.  Students will not be allowed to return to MVCA for a new school year or have records forward until all previous tuition and fees have been paid.